Hello and a very warm welcome to Action 4 SEND where we aim to create a safe and friendly space for our SEND communities providing a platform for our children.
We seem to see this statement within all of the endless SEND paper work don’t we, “The child’s voice” but not in meaningful terms, therefore if you’re willing to share your story from a parents perspective or your child or young persons perspective or as an independent adult with an additional need or disability, please go to our “SEND us your stories” page to evidence the SEND crisis. Please take a look in the link above to find out more.

Who are we and how did we get here?

Good question!! I ask myself that every day!!

In truth we are primarily and most importantly parents who have connected via social media through our similar experiences of raising children, who between us, have a cross section of needs and disabilities. You can read more about us over on our “Meet the Action 4 SEND team” and because of this connection have become not only a solid group of friends that support one another but also a solid team with the same set of long term goals.

Professionally, we are or have been, teachers, specialist setting workers, TAs, HLTAs, Assistant SENCO, Journalist, Assistant Editor and have worked in the community supporting vulnerable children and more which again the team have included within their admin introduction. A broad mix of skill sets that help to form Action 4 SEND and take this to Parliament and Downing Street.

We are parents that have fought and are still fighting for our children to have the right to a fair and equal education and life opportunities. We have had experiences with a cross section of services that are in place to support our children all over a 10 year period plus and can therefore express our view point and share our experiences to inform and empower other parents. This is due to having no choice but to study and learn the law in relation to what our children SHOULD and MUST be entitled to.

Transparency……. What we are not…..We are not SEND specialists or SEND consultants.

We don’t claim to know everything there is to know about SEND. We are non-profit organisation.

Action 4 SENDs Aims and objectives

Short term Aims and objectives…

  • To gather as many stories as possible to highlight the SEND crisis by promoting far and wide
  • To build a storm of media interest
  • To collaborate with any other like-minded SEND campaigners/groups/organisations as together we are stronger
  • To publish our SEND stories and take them to downing street
  • To promote positive SEND practice and share where this is having meaningful impact
  • To collaborate with other like-minded campaign groups, charities and organisations, to reach meaningful solutions
  • To empower other families to tool themselves up with the knowledge that they need to fight for their children from parental lived experience only, not from a qualified SEN consultancy perspective as this is not our remit and we are not qualified in this area and this organisation is not for profit and totally voluntary
  • Being mindful of not giving out misinformation which can cause more harm in the short and long term. If we do not have the qualifications or experience to advise you our role will be to signpost you on to the correct place.


Long term Aims and objectives

  • As above and transitioning forward to….evolve into charity status.
  • To expand our Team
  • To roll out workshops nationally within schools and colleges re the issues that SEND families face from a parental perspective to promote shared understanding between parent/carers, children and young people and practitioners giving parents, carers the opportunity in a safe and respectful place to discuss  and to talk to teaching staff regarding the life of a SEND parent/carer  and to also discuss with mainstream children disability and what they think disability looks like .The focus will be on emotional, social and mental health and to promote inclusivity and kindness. Kindness is not to be underestimated

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A polite request....

Please be mindful that we are a voluntary organisation and some of our team have paid jobs outside of Action 4 SEND and that we try our absolute best to respond in line with need and that if you need to contact us or vice versa we will respond within normal working hours as we should and must make time for our children xx

Our Admins

Jenny Loughran

Action 4 Send Founder
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Suzy Zito

Action 4 SEND Admin
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Nikki Jacques

Action 4 SEND Admin
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