Jenny Loughran

Action 4 Founder

Id like to introduce myself and my amazing team of fellow SEND warriors who have all chosen to give up their own valuable time to volunteer for Action 4 SEND and as my ex colleagues used to say in early years Education “There is no I in team” so thankyou to these lovely ladies who believe that working in collaboration is key to making change. I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do it with out you xx

My story is no different unfortunately to many others which I will share with you on our SEND us your stories page(credit for this title goes to our wonderful  Natasha),in the meantime ill give you a brief introduction  of why I wanted to set up Action 4 SEND…… mainly out of frustration and isolation, both for myself my child,

Professionally I used to be a Teaching assistant working in a local authority Early years  school, I loved my job and appreciated  holistic development and how important early intervention can be. At times it was the best job in the world, an honour, a privilege to be a part of a child’s development particularly when supporting children with special educational needs.  Having lived experience of SEND with my own children I was able to draw apon this to help support the children within the school and also their parents, as it wasn’t in the local authorities capacity to equip me with any SEN training. It was therefore in my professional and personal interest to pay for my own training which I thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to use in my home life. In the end I chose to leave my job to ensure the LA agreed to specialist secondary provision for my youngest son who at the time was 11 years old .(This was one fight out of many)

Personally and talking about my home life, I have two boys with a diagnosis of Torretts,ocd,Autism and a learning disability which  has brought both difficulties and some pretty amazing and inspiring experiences into our lives. The rule apon entry is ….come in with an open mind and if you are not totally a little bit weird then you aint coming in!!! All the best people are weird. I hope you can relate and I haven’t offended anyone. You learn to have a wicked sense of humour to survive at times.

The last 10 years have shaped me and led me to this moment. I refuse to accept that this struggle along side your struggles is justified. In 2020 our SEND communities are in crisis. We know this…. but does everyone else??????

Please don’t be under any illusion that if your child is mainstream that this does not effect you. For it effects your child in the class room equally ,As the teachers and Tas try to divide their time to accommodate and they will and do struggle and probably go home most nights thinking “I am not providing the education I should be for all of my students”  as they try to divide their time with little or no extra funding and specialist staff. This is a collective issue.

Please join us as we build a strong and safe platform for people to share their story and bring the reality evidencing on mass to bring about change.

Thankyou……Jenny Loughran

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