Suzy Zito

Action 4 SEND Admin

Thank you for reading. Hello, my name is Suzy Zito and about a year ago I knew nothing of the crisis in our SEND system. Through a personal battle for one of my 2 children I have become a quick learner and now have a much greater understanding of the issues that families and children face when trying to get support for their children who have SEND.

It is atrocious the number of families I have come across who are in a constant state of battle with schools and Local Authorities to get their children the right education, with the right support in a timely manner; what our children deserve. I have heard from many parents and carers up and down the country of the impact this has had not only on their children but on themselves, their finances, their lives and their mental and physical health. Enough is enough. Here at Action 4 SEND we want to empower parents and carers to be able to tell their story and be listened to. Although we may have all had similar struggles, there is something therapeutic about telling your own individual story and knowing that it will be heard, relatable and add to the many stories that will bring change to the SEND crisis. I urge you to share your stories with us, so that in a collective manner and together as a group we can provide the evidence to the government that this is not acceptable and we demand change. We are stronger together.

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