SEND us your stories on the road to Parliament and number 10 Downing street.


Why is sharing our stories so important?

Well from my point of view I’ve found this whole process over the last few months therapeutic but timing is crucial and personal to everyone. I for example would not have been able to share our story or set up Action 4SEND this time last year as I was not in a good place and still very much trying desperately to persuade the LA who had never met my son that he would not survive in mainstream education.

However, since that time the stars have aligned and the timing is right but believe me there have been times where I’ve thought why am I doing this? My son is settled for now, this should be my time to sit at home and relax watching Phil and Holly but something keeps pulling me back and I can’t help myself so here we are.


Another positive to come out of this for me is a reduced feeling of isolation. Its lonely when you can’t access all the activities that are available in the community as they are generalised and not appropriate for my child so he just refuses to attend out of fear which then in turn isolates me as my friends carry on with normality of life.


Standing up for ourselves, being united as one.  

I am a reasonable and fair person; I always look for the good in people but I can honestly say this is justified. What else can we do but show the reality of what is happening to us and our children and get it out there in the public domain.

It is not enough for one person to say in isolation, “this is my story look what has happened to our family”, No one is going to care, the media won’t care, Parliament won’t care, for one voice is not important to the powers that be and despite the paper work and the tick boxes stating that a child’s voice is important in the cold bleak of day it certainly is not.

Action 4 SEND is asking you all to find the strength from somewhere to share your story so we can take them to Parliament and Downing Street. Let’s use social media for something positive.

Action 4 SEND are very proud to announce that the following people have agreed to support and contribute to our book of SEND stories. They are:

  • Carrie Grant – TV star, vocal and leadership coach and SEND parent
  • Janet Willicott – The CEO at SEND Research Services & SEND Sessions Live star & SEND parent
  • Patsy Hallmey – Co-founder of The Dorset Children’s Foundation – a charity set up to support sick and disabled children
  • Yvonne Newbold – a SEND parent who started The SEND VCB Project after 8 years of struggling to get support for her son
  • Michael Charles – CEO and Senior Partner at Sinclairs law and a specialist solicitor in schools and special needs law – including higher education law 

We look forward to sharing more information about each of our supporters in the near future and how they will be contributing.

Today LCC chief executive has reiterated the Planning Officers decision not to lift the Tree Preservation Order on our oak tree (so we can pay to fell it). LCC have paid to fell trees over hanging gardens of similar children – I was at the meeting. Yet we have a bigger tree in his own garden we can’t pay to get rid of. (Apparently parks and gardens department can act...
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I Emma Roberts give my consent to Action 4 SEND to share my story publicly online for the benefit of shared understanding. I agree to the terms & conditions set by Action 4 SEND for the benefit of my personal data and that Action 4 SEND are GDPR compliant. I believe that my shared content is the truth and i will not name individuals or schools. I have two children...
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Elisa (pronounced like Eliza) was born 19/04/2013.  At the time I was working as an IT Analyst for Bournemouth University, this was to be my 2nd child and my partners 1st. Elisa was born at 33 weeks, in the womb she had suffered a foetal maternal haemorrhage. Blood was leaving her body through the placenta and being absorbed by her mother and not being replaced with oxygenated blood.  Clinically the...
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This personal statement enables Action 4 SEND to share my story through a public platform by giving A4SEND consent and following data protection guidelines(advice taken from) ….https ://☀️ I Jenny Loughran give my consent to ACTION 4 SEND to share my story publicly online for the benefit of shared understanding. I agree to the terms of conditions set by Action 4 send for the benefit of my personal data and...
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