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I (state name) give my consent to ACTION 4 SEND to share my story publicly online for the benefit of shared understanding. I agree to the terms of conditions set by Action 4 send for the benefit of my personal data and that Action 4 SEND are GPDR compliant. I believe that my shared content is the truth and I will not name individuals or schools.

We thought that two pages of A4 font size 12 would be ok, although we know that this will be a struggle to share everything with the size suggested but this will give everyone the chance to share and for me and my team to read through them all.

The impact on you as a family is really important, for example in my circumstances my mental health. I don’t mind admitting I’m on anxiety medication. my child’s mental health, my family’s mental health, the financial strain, I had to leave my job that I worked really hard for (Teaching Assistant) to ensure he received the support he is legally entitled to, my marriage and my relationships with my friends, so on and so on.

Jenny, Founder of Action 4 SEND

Send Us Your Story

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  • Impact on Mental health....( Child or young person)

  • Impact on mental health adult parent carer

  • If yes please message an admin we would be happy to help

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