The promotion of inclusion in schools

One of our long-term objectives will be to collaborate with schools as they play a vital role in supporting our children and can have a significant impact on our Mental health as parent carers.

Already we have been invited to talk about Autism and SEN in general from a parental perspective and a practitioner’s perspective to trainee practitioners which is where my professional TA qualifications will come in handy at the Grimsby institute and Frankland sixth form college.

The focus will be EMOTIONAL,SOCIAL AMD MENTAL HEALTH and we’ve been invited on the premise that we are not SEN consultants or experts in the field of SEN NOR ARE WE PAID FOR OUR TIME, but have lived and work life experience to draw upon to promote shared understanding to trainee practitioners and to dispel some of the myths around Autism in particular linking in to the topic of misinformation. I think it would be beneficial to record the talks and workshops as a way of documenting impact and to also reflect on practice. WE WILL BE POSTING THEM ON HERE WITH THE AUDIENCE PERMISSION.

Here at Action 4 SEND we don’t want to speak on behalf of ourselves only but to ask you, what information would you like to see in a talk or workshop.?? Please contact us through our contact form, or on our social media platforms.

With regard to your active involvement the second part of this work, will be to give parent/carers the opportunity as part of a work shop is to talk openly in a safe and respectful space to talk to teaching staff about your life as a SEND parent again the focus will be on ESMH. Would you find this beneficial?. There has been so many times when I’ve tried to talk to staff and it hasn’t gone the way id rehearsed in the mirror that morning, and then I’ve retreated to the car after the school run and burst into tears. Again, let us know your comments and ideas via our contact form or social media platforms.

The third part of this work will be to talk to children within main stream schools and ask “What do you think Disability looks like?” As a society we need to start talking about Disability and there are many things to celebrate about our children and young people. We are supposed to be an inclusive society however disability is not mandatory within the curriculum and it should be to increase understanding and the important of kindness.

From a charitable view point this is where I’d like to concentrate our efforts alongside providing the platform for your experiences/stories to feed into the workshops and take into parliament. Let the work have an impact to make a difference for all of our children and young people

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